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   PU Spray and Perfusion Equipment
BH-III235 PU spray and perfusion equipment

It has a molding system making the various proportions.

The ratio between material A and B is from 1:1~1:2.

Standard Configuration

Mainframe: 1 set

Spray gun: 1 set

Heating and preserved pipe: 15m

Connecting pipe for spray gun: 1.5m

Transfer pump: 2 sets

Technical Parameter:

Electrical source: 220v 7000w

Air source: 0.5~0.8Mpa (70~120psi) ≥ 0.9m3/min

Output: 2~6.8kg/min

Heating device power for material: 2500w ×2

Heating power for pipe heating: 2000w

Single component output pressure: 5~10Mpa (700~1500psi)

Shipping Parameter:

Volume: 800x700x1100(mm)

Weight: 200kg

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