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Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine
Work flow
BH-sandwich panel production line adopts advanced workmanship which is built through gas,electricity and mechanical, specialist for sandwich panel production. The variable speed controlled by stepless speed alters, can compress the corrugated sandwich panel at the same time. This production line is consisted of feeding device, formation device,combining device( roll forming, gluing, heating, combining, edge curving, slotting,edge treating and pneumatic /auto cutting) and has been widely used for shops,warehouses and walls.
Applied profile
1.Wall board ,EPS”H”board(1000-1200mm)
2.Concealed wall board, EPS match-board (950-1150mm)
3.Roof board, EPS lapping type 980 corrugated sandwich panel(980 three peaks)
Main technics
a.Equipments outside dimension:38000mm × 3600mm × 3300mm 
b.Computer control system:whole machine adopts industrial computer,PLC      frequency control
c.Total power(include heat power):about 30kw
d.Working speed:1000~4000mm/min (frequency control)
e.EPS board density:>18KG/mmm 
f.Applied material:1000~1200mm × (0.5~0.6mm )EPS and PU
e.Power source:380V/50-60Hz
f.Finished board thickness:50-250mm
g.Annual production: 600,000㎡
h.Production weight:15T
i.Shipment: 40”HQ x2
Main configuration
a. Decoiler and core shaft
    Decoiling locations:3 pieces;core shaft:4 pieces
    Applied inside diameter:500mm,
    Outside diameter:≤1300mm
    Load bearing:≤5T
b. Roll forming machine dimension:9500mmx1400mm(LxW),motor:2.2kw
c.  Main machine:12000mmx2400mm(LxW),motor:2.2kw
d. Polyurethane 2 components , glue mixing besmear brushing device
e. Cutting device:cutting device is moved lengthways,band saw blade is moved
    Laterally.Cutting device adopts blade saw of single face,it has band saw
    expanding device,cutting device is equipped with sheet compaction
    device(pneumatic).Lengthways & Lateral movement of the cutting device has limit
    device.This machine adopts φ255 alloy saw blade,cutting speed is about
f.  Transmission rack:Rack without power:2 groups,dimension:3000mmx1210mm
g. Electrical control system:PLC computer control
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