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Concealed Roof Sheet Forming Machine
Technical parameter
Working speed:
Roll material:
#45 forges steel plated with hard chromium
Shaft material:
#45 forges steel
Main power:
Hydraulic station motor power:
Hydraulic pressure:
10~12 Map
Control system:
1. The seat of main machine is whole welding by I-steel; the machine is welding on the seat and use vibratory stress relief to realize the stability of whole frame.
2. The main shaft is made of 45# after tempering and heat treatment, comprehensive performance is very good.
3. The unit use hydraulic forming and punching technology, choose top grade hydraulic system, working steadily, safe and effective, cutting material is Cr12, after quenching and heat treatment, the hardness is HRC62, cutting surface is smooth.
4. The controller of the unit chooses electric controller system and installed on the seat, there is no need to connect at operating time, easy and convenient. It is suitable for factory production or transport to building site.
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