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BH1200-830 Roll Forming Machine
Technical parameters:
1.   Frame of machine: welding with special shape beam steel tube
2.   Forming of guide feeding:   side roller type
3.   Forming machine type:  wallboard and chain drive
4.   Diameter of shaft:   ¢80mm
5.   Link chain:   16A   single row
6.   Motor power of forming machine: hydraulic motor
7.   Line speed of forming machine: 8-12m/min
8.   Steps of forming machine:  10 steps
9.   Roller material:   superior 45# steel forging
10. Thickness of roller Chromium coating: 0.05mm
11. Pressure:20Mpa 
12. Hydrauli station motor power: 7.5KW 
13.   Hydraulic station Oil pump: gear pump
14.   Cutting ways:  Hydraulic
15.   Cutting blade:   Cr12 with heat treatment, HRC58?-60
16.   Thickness of the coil: 0.7-1.5mm
17.   Feeding width: 1200mm
18.   Precision to length:   ±2mm
19.   Frequency changer:     Panosonic   brand  (Made in Japan)
20.   Computer system adopt PLC controlling:   Panosonic (Made in Japan)
21.   Machine size:6500x1400x1500(mm)
22.   Total Weight:8T
Technological process figure:
Decoil—guiding and feeding—roll   forming—cut to length—run out table
Equipment configuration
Main machine of roll forming、 Hydraulic forming cutting、Hydraulic station、PLC computer operation panel
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