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   PU Spray and Perfusion Equipment
BH-2008 Polyurethane Spray and Perfusion Equipment


BHPU-F2008 Polyurethane Spray and Perfusion Equipment
Standard Configuration:
1 set
Spray gun:
Heating and preserved pipe:
Connecting pipe for spray gun:
1.5 m
Max. Pipe length:
Transfer pump:
2 sets
Technical Parameter:
Power Source:
380v, 50/60HZ , 3 Phases
Air Source:
0.5~0.8Mpa(70~120psi) ≥0.9m3 /min
Heating device power for material:
3000w x2(or optional:4500w x2)
Heating power for pipe heating:
Single component output pressure:
Heat temperature:
Shipping Parameter:
800x 700x1100(mm)
BHPU-F2008 Polyurethane Spray and Perfusion Equipment is as a special one, improving the component, heater power is more capacity, lighter and moving more convenient. This type of machine gives you more choice because there are double spray guns with different Size. The function of Spray and Perfusions can be changed mutually, operating the machine more easily, because you should only change the spray gun. Strong guidance, automatic reset device. After one day’s work, through the operation can make the material pump reset to the next point, prolong the service life of the seal material. Variable power controls temperature, preventing heating too fast. During work, it includes many safety measures such as temperature control, overheat and stop more secure and reliable operation. BHPU-F2008 is widely used, such as Refrigerator heat preservation, Building exterior, Roof warm keeping and waterproof, Sports venues, Air-condition insulation, automobile and naval vessels, solar water heater, etc.

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